street view trusted warszawa

Be visible Street View Trusted in Google Maps

In the era of technology the Internet is a perfect way to reach customers. Speed, modernity, quality and attractiveness it’s what counts nowadays. No-one searches phonebooks for information about companies and services – they are long forgotten. Internet browsers, websites and social media took their place.

Why not to go further?

Google Street View Trusted allows us to travel anywhere in the world without leaving home. Now it’s available for your company!

Show your trumps!

Street View Trusted in Google Maps and panoramic photography up to 360 degrees are not only an interesting way to present your offer, as well as your company and it trumps. It is also a way to become more visible, increase credibility and built trust. All together it helps prospective customers to choose your offer!

How does it work?

Without leaving home potential customers can visit your company and feel its air during a virtual trip.

What will be in the pics?

You decide what will be in the pictures. Panoramic pictures will be visible in Google search results. They can also be found in Google Maps and Local Google+. You can post them on your website, share them in Google+ or share links to them in social media and blogs, as well as mail them.

Who will take the pics?

A photography session is carried out by recommended photographers – chosen and trained by Google. It guarantees the shoots will be taken neatly, in compliance with privacy policy and will show unique features of your company.

Do I have to do anything else?

After you book a session you don’t have to worry about anything. The photographer will take care of everything and ready pictures will be transferred directly to Google.