buzz marketing, marketing szeptany

Buzz marketing is a long-term activity of a very high efficiency. The activity is based on creating buzz around a product or brand.

Information about the product or brand appears in all key places, where the potential target group can find it easily.

Buzz marketing allows a constant observation of the content appearing in the Internet and an immediate response. Each message is a starting point for a communication with users during which marketing messages are discreetly signaled.


  • increase of online brand/company awareness 
  • increase of interest in the company, brand or product
  • support customers in making purchase decisions
  • improvement of company image

Our Offer

  • Image-building activities

Strengthening the already existing positive feedback, neutralizing the negative reviews and initializing new thematic threads in order to implement a marketing message of customer’s product or service.

  • Information and promotion activities

Building links to customer’s content, website, etc.