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Why AdWords?

  • You only pay for results!

Fees are collected only when a prospective customer enters your website – the advertisement is displayed for free.

  • You get only to customers interested in your offer!

AdWords Ad is displayed to your prospective customers when they are looking for your products or services.

  • Flexibility!

Costs of the campaign, display plan and daily budgets depend on you.

  • Reports!

You receive detailed data about the course of your campaign – number of ads displays and visits on your web, as well as information about certain action taken by the visitors such as purchasing.

How do we work?

Our Agency leads high-quality traffic to our customers’ websites. Daily budget of AdWords campaign is managed by team of experts.

We calculate costs in a transparent manner – our partners pay only for results considered as number of visits of the website The basis of our action is a permanent optimization of the campaign in order to use the resources efficiently and increase the traffic coming from advertising.

  • Step 1 – Setting the objective, analyses of the potential and building the strategy.
  • Step 2 – Implementation of tools and starting the campaign.
  • Step 3 – Analyses, optimization, recommendation.
  • Step 4 – Reports