Google Analytics – increase effectiveness of your website

Low rank in Google search results is not always a reason of low effectiveness of the website. Sometimes the website construction or content is the problem. Unfortunately, we cannot verify it without an access to a proper tool.

Google Analytics – an unquestionable “must have” of every website

Google Analytics is an easy to use but surprisingly well-developed tool for analysing website statistic. While analysing website traffic Google Analytics collects data about the users, which can be later used for its optimization and increasing its effectiveness.

The data includes information about:

  • the way the use found the website (search engine, link, typing the address);
  • the current whereabouts of the user (country, town, city)
  • the software the user used (operational system, web browser, device);
  • the behaviour of the user (time spent on certain subpage, number of visited subpages, etc.).
Google Analytics – who can use the tool?

The tool can be used by each owner of Google account, but it’s not all… Owners of websites visited not more than 5 million times a moth can use the tool for free. From free access to Google Analytics may also benefit users who use Google AdWords.

Google Statistics – how to interpret?

An effective analysis of gained data requires basic knowledge of e-marketing and ability to foresee expectations of Internet users. Introducing changes that don’t include SEO as well as behaviour of potential clients may turn out ineffective. That’s why it’s worth to benefit form help of an expert.

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