Definitions of E-marketing

Are you looking forward to the day when marketing specialists will start speaking in a human voice? Unfortunately, there are no signs it’s going to happen any time soon. That’s why below we gave you definitions of the most popular e-marketing terms.

Website Positioning – action aiming at promotion of a website in search engines results for chosen key words/phrases. It includes: strategy development, selection of key words/phrases, improvement of website presentation in search results.

Google AdWords – a Google tool enabling display of sponsored links in Google search results for chosen key words or phrases as well as on websites participating in Google AdSense.

Google Analytics – an online Google tool enabling monitoring and analysing of website statistics. The tool is available to all Google account owners. Free for users whose websites are visited no more than 5 million times a month.

Interactive Agency – an agency specialising in creating and managing an online reputation of a company. It uses various e-marketing tools, such as: websites, advertising campaigns, website optimization and positioning as well as social media.

Conversion – an action expected to be taken by a website user in response to activity increasing website visibility: optimization and positioning, certain advertising campaigns or promotion in social medial.

Content Marketing – marketing strategy based on senders and receivers. Its goal is to get potential clients by posting attractive and useful content aimed at specified group of receivers.

CTR – a click-through rate expressing the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who viewed the link. It helps to assess the effectiveness of key words/phrases and the ad itself.

Return on Investment (ROI) – in the field of e-marketing a rate informing about a percentage return on money invested in online promotion of a company or chosen website.