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It’s good to know there is a solution allowing us to get to a wide range of potential clients. The solution is called Google Ads (previous Google Adwords).

Ads – a few words to start

Popular Google Ads is an extremely easy and surprisingly effective e-marketing tool that allows us to get to a wide range of potential clients in a reasonable price and a short time. It works because the ad is visible in response to a query typed into Google search bar. This way the ad is treated by the user as a response for his own query and need.

When is it beneficial?

Skilfully optimized AdWords campaign is always beneficial. Yet, there are situations when it’s even more beneficial. What are they?

  • A competition – when we want to inform the biggest possible group of receivers about a competition as well as its terms and conditions.
  • A sale – when we want to inform potential clients about a temporary special offer.
  • A sale of a certain product or service – when we want to pay attention of potential clients to a certain product or service.
  • Support for organic positioning – when we have just stared positioning our website but want to increase website traffic as well as start generating income.
Why is it worth to use  help of an expert?

Thanks to professional optimization, constant monitoring and analysing a campaign led by an expert is cheaper and more effective!

We invite clients interested in starting the Google AdWords campaign to contact us.


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