Business Sense Company


Business Sense was established in 2007. Since day one, our aim was to steer traffic to websites and services of our customers. Thanks to professional approach, rich experience in advertising, as well as active sales policy we quickly began co-operation with many companies representing different industries.

In 2010 we stood on the top podium of the national competition organized by Google as a part of the „Internet Revolution” program. The goal of the competition was to obtain the largest possible number of customers at a given time. We won in TOP Agencies category and joined the group of the largest and fastest growing online marketing agencies in Europe.

Satisfaction of our partners is our highest priority.

From the very beginning we favour and act in accordance with the motto “benefit brings benefit”. Well-profiled campaigns that bring our partners benefits translate into long-term co-operation with Business Sense.

Operating in many different industries we create advertising programs for almost 3 500 customers. This helps us to be up to date with the specific of Polish market and meet even the most demanding expectations.

As Google Partner:

  • we know Google offer very well and precisely specify how and where from new business contacts can be obtained,
  • people responsible for management of AdWords in our company are the people who have completed relevant courses and passed the exams of AdWords Certificate, so that we maintain the highest standards of services,
  • we manage over 2000 active AdWords accounts of our customers and generate very high turnovers in AdWords program, which allow our partners to invest their money in proven and safe solutions.

As Online Marketing Agency:

  • we adjust our offer to current needs of our customers, their budget and current market trends,
  • everyday we monitor behavior of Internet users, so that our customers experience growing business benefits of long-term co-operation with our company.


ul. Górczewska 137
(2 piętro)
01-459 Warszawa
tel.: 22 636 52 63


ul. Gdańska 47/49 bud. C
90-729 Łódź
tel.: 509 476 373
fax: 42 230 21 26


ul. Katowicka 47
41-500 Chorzów
tel.: 506 184 275
fax: 32 743 91 32